Fan Mail



"These are the strings that were installed on my Muckelroy basses when Brady built them. They are giving me the tone, feel and longevity that I want from my basses (fretted and fretless), and Curt Mangan's customer service is second to none. I've played many brands and types of bass strings over a 43 year career, and I absolutely love these strings.Check out what some of our users are saying about Curt Mangan strings."

-Pete Olig

"Curt Mangan strings allow me to get a bright and warm tone that works wonderfully for my style. They feel great and sound better!"

-Cobrette Bardole


"Just received some of your strings, uncoated, phosphor bronze, medium lights. I've been playing a long time, and they are without a doubt the best strings I've ever used, vibrant and lively as soon as you put them on, and then maintain that unbelievable playability. Great intonation too. I'm a convert. Thanks so much."



"Dear CM and Friends, I just put a set of CM 80/20 .012-.054 on my 14-year-old Martin J40. The search is over! These are the most outstanding acoustic strings I have ever used. I recently spent over $250 trying different brands of strings and these are the absolute best. I had been using Martin SP for a long time, but these are even better. The fullness of tone is wonderful, the notes just bloom. The linearity of intonation throughout the full length of the string makes it a joy to play. I used to tune pipe organs and my guitar has to be in tune, I play all over the neck. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make such a superior product. All the Best."

-Mark Riesenberger, Sunnyvale, California

"Four days ago I purchased a Les Paul. I have been playing since 1996 and have always had my heart set on owning one. Before my first practice on it I put a set of 9-46 nickel wounds on it. Your strings took an already outstanding sounding guitar and took it to the next level. Curt Mangan, you have a customer for life! I will recommend your strings to every one of my musician friends because I believe in the quality product you produce and what your company stands for. Great job guys, keep up the stellar work!"

-Chris Elliot Xenia, Ohio


"I have to say I am & was very pleased with this brand of strings. I was able to produce a very articulate yet very solid low end and best of all the balance across the strings were great, there's many times I would use a set of strings and naturally the heavier gauge strings will produce a little more volume which means that I have to keep adjusting my playing style to compensate. With these I didn't notice that very much while playing with this set of strings. I for sure have found string that allows me to express what I feel without putting too much effort into playing the strings. I will be making future purchases to replace all of my strings on my 2 other basses with Mangan Strings before heading back out on a Summer Tour.
Thank you."



"Hey thanks! Now I know where Matt Schofield gets his great tone! These strings are fantastic and I have been playing with them just to get all the
great tones and feel from these signature strings! You know that they have 'mojo' when they make everything about your rig sound better!! I have had everything in place for years and just needed these strings to complete the tone I have been after! You have a new customer for sure!"

-Mike   North Carolina

"Recently I ordered 2 boxes of Curt Mangan regular electric strings, 10-46 guage, for my shop, along with the rest of the strings I usually stock here at Paradise Music. When they arrived it was the coated electrics rather than the regular electrics that I thought I had ordered. Let me say first that it was not Curt Mangan that messed up the order, it was me. Anyway, I went ahead and priced the strings and put them on display. I use Curt Mangan strings exclusively on my guitars, so when my G&L needed strings again, I tried a set of the coated electric 10-46's that I had. Holy Smoke! These are fantastic strings! I have played 3 nights per week plus studio dates for over two months, and they are just now starting not to stay in tune, and this is from a guy that changes strings at least every 2 weeks. These strings stay in tune, they don't break, and I play hard, using heavy picks. They really can take it. Give these strings a try, see if I'm not right!"

-Bryan C. Loy

Paradise Music

Franklin, N.C.


"I got a hold of some 10 guage Curt Mangans again, here a local store called 'The Music Store' on Mundy Street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania that sells your strings. They are great. I was using your 9 1/2 guages, (because of tendonitis) switching back to 10 guage is a great difference in tone. I feel your strings are more improvement being in tone. To me, your strings have that organic natural tone and feel to them unlike any other string. They are very 'earthy' sounding. I cant wait to give your Pure Nickel strings a try. Thanks for the great product, thanks for the great customer support too."



"I've had a week's worth of time (about 63 hours of playing) with the strings and am very pleased. They last longer under extreme playing conditions and stay in tune much more reliably than other brands I’ve played. Above all, they have a tone to them that’s great for agressive styles of rock and metal. Congratulations on a great product Mr. Mangan!"

-Tom Kopyto


"Hey Curt, and all at Mangan. We just got back from a two week stint of gigs; KC, St Louis, and Atlanta. We all used your strings for the first time, as a band, since becoming a sponsored artist (we were still filtering out the Elxirs we 'invested' in). I have used the 80/20 and the Phos for of all my Takemine acoustics, plus the 9's for my Strat. Our bass player has a 4 and a 5 and loves them as well, Rob has fallen in love with the tone of the 10's for his lead playing. The overall tone is better, richer, and fuller. So, from all of us here in Atlanta, Andy Easton and The Tin Roof, we say thanks and keep it up. WE LOVE THE STRINGS, AND WE ARE PROUD TO BE SPONSORED BY Curt Mangan."

-Andy Easton


"Love the strings man! They have a different character than most strings I've played, they almost sound like they add richer harmonics somehow. They feel nice and tight, like I like, and there is no strange warbles at all on the higher frets, like I sometimes get with other strings. Overall, I think my days with Dean Markley and Ernie Ball are numbered. I'll recommend them to all the players I know that come through the studio and that ask about my custom guitars.Thanks again."

-E. Hill


"Dude, Your strings are the bomb! I've only heard the acoustic properties. I'm gonna run through my stage rig next week and give a run. I noticed that the neck had to be adjusted. There was a lot more tension on it with your strings. I like tension because it allows you to set your action lower without rattles, as the strings don't flop as much. I'm going to use them exclusively in my business and my gig life. Thanks Curt and Co."

-Jon Player


"I go through strings like water. I usually have to change strings every gig. Not any more. Curt's strings hold tone and intonation longer than anything that I've found. They sound great and feel great, and I'm on my third gig with the same set. Now I have more time to watch TV in the hotel room!"

-Rob McNelley


"I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your guitar strings. They are AMAZING! I've tried so many different brands, from cheap to expensive trying to find which ones were right for me. I can honestly say that THESE ARE!! Before, I was buying 2 to 3 packs every week because my old brands I couldn't trust for more than 1 to 2 shows, and would be sure to break. I really didn't want to move to thicker gauges, just a better string. Well, I think you have found the answer to my problems. Not only did your strings last up to 4 shows on both my acoustic and electrics, I only changed them because they were starting to sound dead. That's RARE for me to go that long and still have such lively strings! So again, I just wanted to tell you its a pleasure being in your sponsored artist program and thanks for making such a kick ass product! Byron (Anevis) was SOO right!"

-Mike Vranek


"Thanks, I used the bass strings at a gig last Saturday and was very pleased, deep enough and crispy, that's what I'm talking about, Thx again."

-Paul Jordan


"I played my first show with my new Curt Mangan strings. At first I didn't think strings were all that different. I was wrong. Curt
Mangan strings are incredible! Not only did they feel great but they sounded so bright and clean! They have great flexibility and huge sustainability. I really dig their strings!! From now on, our band Truly Sunday ONLY uses Curt Mangan Strings! Thanks alot!!!"

-The Truly Sunday


"Just wanted to let you guys know the whole band LOVES these strings! Great strings, great customer service, and FAST shipping. Keep it up!"

-Gene Declue


"Exactly what I expected... The acoustic strings are every bit as great as the electrics... Both types offer distinct and great tones... You all are doing it RIGHT... thanks again."

-Derek Wells


"Hey Guys, I love your strings! A lot of times during a show my strings tend to snap, but when I tried yours they worked beautifully!"

-Dave Schlueter


"We really love your Strings. They are by far the most consistent string our band has found for roadwork. We are in the studio now recording our 3rd cd. We are using them on all our electric and acoustic guitars. Thanks again for a great product."

-Don and Annie Kidwell


"I've been using Daddario’s forever. I never thought I would find something better. Plain and simple I was wrong. These strings are a god-send. It's like playing a new instrument."



"I've been playing bass for many years, and I've used just about every string on the market. But, when I put your strings on my basses, I was totally floored by the big, rich sound I was hearing! I've used nickel strings in the past (I usually use steels), and they sounded good... but not like these! These strings are unbelievably consistent. The tone is big, rich,and my harmonics just explode! Whatever you guys are doing keep up the good work!"

-Tehrin C. Cole


"Hey there, I work at smith and whitley music in High Point, NC. We just started carrying your strings. I put my first set on my guitar today. (electric 10-46) They sound and feel great. I can not put my finger on the exact difference yet, but something about them is warmer and they feel better during play. I teach 48 private lessons every week, and teach guitar at the local college. I also play in the band The Nectar Unit. I believe there is a switch coming to your strings... Thanks.."



"We have been playing on your Fusion Matched Strings for a few months now and love the sound. They are fat and full of energy. They provide great harmonics with little effort and amazing tone. We would like to thank your company for making an affordable string set with amazing sound."

-Scott Gaster
13th Parallel


"Nothing Smoother,Even the humidity of 'Daytona Beach' and 'Bikeweek 2005' and 8 straight shows (no broken strings!!) couldn't harm these strings if you had to, and I use 9's. They are the best!! Thank's Curt!"

-Dan Lawson


"I have no idea what FUSION MATCHED means... but they sound fantastic and play great and are fantastically made. A joy to play."



"Hello, I recieved my first order a couple of weeks ago, and am quite impressed. I've been playing guitar for 30 years and am very particular about what I use...and I've tried pretty much everything.
Currently, I am performing full time as a solo acoustic artist and doing session work and private instruction in between shows. Just wanted to say thanks for a great product, and I plan on switching to Curt's strings exclusively for all of my instruments, and recommending them to students and friends."

-Matt McKay


"Hey, I just wanted to say I have been playing these strings now for 4 months, and I have to say I love'em. I turned on my band mates and my students to the warm rich tone, they are all converts. Thank you Curt Mangan keep up the great work we all appericate it."



"Thank you for making very good strings. I used Balls forever. Tried GHS. These are far superior to anything else."



"Hello I just wanted to say that I play the 11-52's, what a great set of strings your company is great. Thanks alot."

-Frankie Riggs


"By the way, since compliments are never too many, your strings are really great. I have tried and used several models of GHS, D'addario, Elixir, Ernie Ball, Rotosound, Pyramid and Thomastik-Infeld strings. The only ones that are similar to Curt Mangan's in tone, tuning, durability, texture and overall quality are the Thomastik power-bright series, but their gauge offering is extremely limited. Thomastik-Infeld strings are too pricy and guest service is good but not that awesome. Keep up the great work. I will recomend these strings to my guitar and bass playing friends. All the best."



"Dear Sir or Madam, Recently a guitar shop opened up locally and the owner treated me to a set of your strings saying that my telecaster will no doubt love them. He was right. He also said he had never heard of anyone breaking a string so when I was getting ready to deploy to Qatar, my telecaster disassembled and packed away in my suitcase, I bought two sets of Mangan strings (11's and 11's for drop tunings) to bring with me. One set lasted the entire time out there, with me thrashing away and everyone who fancied themselves a guitar player having a go playing as well. They held up marvelously. Then, when I came home I realized I needed to restring my Gretsch Anniversary. Up until now I had only used Thomastik Enfelds on it but the guitar shops are all closed today so I took a gamble and put on my last set of Mangan strings left over from my 'desert vacation.' Now, please don't be offended, I was just expecting less from strings so fairly priced, but was honestly blown away by how great my guitar sounded."

     -Russell S.

"Dear Curt, I have known Skip Goez of Goez Instrument for quite some time. Last week I stopped by to visit, and he highly recommended that I try a set of your nickel wounds. I picked up a 9-42 set for one of my Strats. I am not prone to superlatives, but these are fantastic. They stretched out and stabilized in record time. The tone is very full and rich. They have an excellent feel, silky but easy to grip while bending.I picked up a set of 10-46 for my Tele today, and will try them soon. I look forward to using them on all my guitars which include several Fenders, a Heritage , and a PRS. I wish you the success you deserve."


St. Louis, MO